I didn’t always have a fit lifestyle. I was active, just not eating healthy. I was overweight when I was younger. The fact that I was always shy to take off my shirt at the beach and water slides made me decide to finally change my lifestyle and started watching what I ate.

Changing my diet, learning more about training and getting certifications really helped me and motivated me to start living a healthier lifestyle. Now it’s a habit/routine!

It’s a big part of my life, I work in the industry so I must “play” the part as well! It is so routine now that when I wake up in the morning I take out my scale, put the food in my Tupperware and pack 5 meals with me as if it’s nothing! I’ll never go back, don’t WANT TOO!

I’ve been overweight, I know how it is, I know the feeling and I never want to go back! Living the healthy lifestyle is a part of me now.

Aliments Canzeri really helps me out on the day to day preparation of food. The fact that I work a lot of hours they’re some days I just don’t have the time to cook. CANZERI is awesome, it’s as simple as ordering “junk food” but instead you’re getting a great tasting healthy meal!